Who we Support

  • Haiti

    We have the privilege to partner with Hosanna Helping Hands. 

    We have started a school in Mirebalais and currently have 54 students in Kindergarten through 4th grade! We are grateful to be able to run the school out of a small church in the community. 

We are wanting to purchase property in Mireballais as soon as possible, as we have big visions for what God wants to do in this area. We plan to build a church, a school (that will go through 12th grade), a missionary house, orphanage and possibly a technical college!!!  

    God has opened the doors for us to partner with other pastors from America to begin an accredited Bible College to train the local pastors and those who want to further their knowledge of the Bible. 

    The funds raised through child sponsorship are used to pay for all school staff, books and supplies, as well as one meal a day for all students (in many cases this is the only meal the student will get) and an additional expense the school may incur. Any remaining funds are put into a reserve to purchase land. 

    Prayer Request: Money to purchase the land needed to build the school (as we are quickly outgrowing the church) and other buildings.  

  • Barrow ministry village

    In 2011, a group of pastors, community leaders, and concerned citizens in Barrow County began meeting to discuss social problems within the community and the lack of available resources to address these problems. Believing that Jesus is the answer, the result of these discussions lead to the idea of the Barrow Ministry Village, a local Christian Ministry, hoping to bridge the gap in services providing hope and healing to a community of struggling individuals and families. Three key areas came from such discussion: The need for 1. Food Distribution, 2. Foster Parent Resources, and 3. Christian Counseling Services. Receiving 501c3 non-profit status November 29, 2013, Barrow Ministry Village, Inc, (BMV) began providing much needed services to orphans, widows and other vulnerable Barrow County residents. Since that time, the BMV has narrowed its focus to professional Christian Counseling and Foster Family Support. We continue to offer a food pantry for our clients.  For more information visit www.barrowministryvillage.org.

  • Salaam soccer

    Salaam Soccer was created to bring relief to refugee children in the Middle East through the beautiful game. Our goal to provide organized sports opportunities for children that have been displaced by war or natural disaster, and to connect them and their families to a local partner church.  

    Prayer request:  An opportunity to support a sustainable, weekly soccer program in the Middle East.  The specific need is a group of native believers that are willing to commit to running the program (with our support). This will provide the local church an opportunity to develop deeper relationships in a culture where open sharing isn't an option.  

  • celebrate recovery

    Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12 step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain, or addiction of any kind.  Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to find community and freedom from the issues that are controlling our life.  They meet at RHC on Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm.