We are excited about meeting you and caring for your child! 

When you arrive, you will discover that we are grouped by age and developmental stages.  

Early Childhood

(4 weeks through 5 years)

Nursery (4 weeks to 12 months)

Walkers (12 months - 23 months)

Toddlers (24 months - 35 months)

Preschool 3s (potty trained)

Preschool 4s and 5s (pre-kindergarten) 

These classes have a Bible lesson, worship and activity each service helping them understand who Jesus is and how much He loves them.


(Kindergarten through 5th Grade)

Each weekend KidsKove gets to Konnect with the Lord through

large group worship and Bible lesson, 

they get to Konnect with each other through

small group discussion and activities.

Looking for great family devotionals? Check out - great for Preschoolers

Search "konnect" under plans at


When you arrive at River Hills please make your way to the check-in kiosk to the left as you enter. Here a volunteer will assist you in completing a family registration card and getting name tags (with security #'s) for each child. 

It is very important you keep your portion of the name tag as we will match your security # with the # on our child's tag to ensure that each child goes home with the correct family. 

When checking in we will ask for a cell phone number - this is how we will contact you during service if your child needs you for any reason. Please be sure to bring your phone and have it on silent in your pocket or on your lap during service.

With the Church Center App you can check in the kids on your way to church! When you arrive, scan your QR code and your name and security tags will print and the kids can head to their classes.