Our vision

River Hills Church’s vision is to connect ancient truth in a way contemporary man can understand. We want to be the church for those who “don’t do church.” We try to do this in four ways:

  1. Authenticity We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is so important that it should be lived out in every part of one’s life. We value a genuine, authentic, and holistic way of living in regard to placing Christ as the priority and passion in life. We desire to be a church that is holistic in its faith.  
  2. Other People We desire to be a church that is on mission locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. We are passionate about connecting the truth and experience of knowing Christ with a world that is void of that knowledge. We want to be servants of Christ by serving the world.  
  3. Truth  We believe that the Bible is the foundation of life. We desire to be a church that knows and lives by the principles that this absolute truth gives us.  
  4. Relational We desire to be a church that is concerned about the needs of each other and is involved in the lives of those who are in the community of Christ. We value relationships with those in the church and outside the church.